The registration process: A how-to guide to registration

A how-to guide to registration:

The registration process

  • Click the “Register now” button to commence the registration process
  • Create your login by clicking on “Register”. Enter your email address and you will be sent an email which you will need to validate. The system will guide you through the process of creating your username and password
  • Please note, you cannot save your progress once you have started. The registration form must be completed in one session. Please ensure you have all the information to hand to complete the form.  Please see the section below, “What information you will need to complete registration successfully”
  • If you fail to complete the form, and return later, you can log back in with your credentials and start a new form
  • The form should take no more than 15 minutes to complete
  • Upon successful completion you will receive an onscreen message and email, confirming successful submission
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.  You must be authorised to make the legal declaration on behalf of your organisation.
  • Registered company name and address including company registration number
  • Contact details of people within your organisation who are responsible for:
    • Signing the contract when issued
    • The contract signatory within your organisation who may also be subject to third-party identification and verification
    • Operational and technical leads for your business
  • Two super users names and contact details, these are the names of the individuals who will be provided administration rights to the RCMS platform.
  • Reimbursement details including sort code, account number and correspondence email for the purposes of the directory information including FRN/PSP registration number
  • If applicable: The range of sort codes of the relevant accounts, as directed by SD20.


In addition to the information detailed above, you will also be prompted to:

  • Choose the product type, you wish to use from 7th October 2024
  • Identify how you process claims today
  • Respond to a series of questions on how you process financial transactions within your business
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of registration process and attest that you are within scope of the regulation

This section asks for contact information, including name, job title, email address, phone number and company name for the following representatives:

  • Contract signatory (the individual who will sign the RCMS contract when issued. Please also provide their date of birth for an ID&V check)
  • Business decision maker
  • Technical contact
  • Operational contact

In this section we will ask for the contact details – name, phone number and email address only – for two super users.  The super users will maintain your organisation’s data and will be able to provide access to other users of the solution.  Please note that two super users is a minimum requirement.

We will also collect your corporate email address for claims and queries, and the corporate account details where reimbursements should be directed.

In this section we are seeking readiness information, specifically which iterations of the RCMS solution your organisation intends to take up for 7 October, and for the proposed mandating of RCMS Core + Claims, at a later date.

We also ask current BPS (provided by UK Finance) using firms to identify themselves in this section.

This section focusses on detailed information about your PSP, and has questions to better understand your eligibility for SD20.   Please have to hand your FRN/PSP registration number and sort codes.  There are four simple questions about how you offer FPS payments through your accounts.  FPS indirect participants will also need to provide their indirect access provider name.  Firms who provide relevant accounts accessible through CHAPS should also declare this in this section.

In this section there will be a link to the registration Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs).  These are short, simple Ts and Cs relevant to the registration process.  They do not commit participants to or give access to participants to the RCMS solution.  Please review the Terms & Conditions and then attest that you are in scope by entering your name and job title, and making the legal declaration (tick box)

Registration is now open and can be accessed here
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