Become a contributor to our NPA working groups


We are launching three new working groups to contribute to and inform the programme’s thinking – Proposition Exploration Group, Technical Working Group and Legal and Finance Working Group. We are seeking contributors for our three new working groups to represent the voices of the industry. While these groups are not decision-making bodies, in becoming a contributor you will provide your expertise, knowledge and advice to support key programme recommendations.

We will regard views expressed as part of the working groups as organisational views so it is important that contributors have authority from their employers to express those views on their behalf.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor please fill in the application form found on this page.

Proposition Exploration Group

Our Proposition Exploration Group will provide input into the NPA Programme to shape the development of the propositions enabled through NPA delivery, including discussing the benefits, developing payment flows and use-case journeys underpinning these.

We are looking for individuals with a good understanding of UK payment products and of use case development through a client / customer (CX) lens. We are looking for input from our participants, as well as other financial institutions, including non-bank financial institutions, FinTechs and corporates.

Technical Working Group

Our Technical Working Group will provide input to support the development of both technical and transitional requirements. Contributors will be provided with the opportunity to understand possible technical requirements necessary for transition to the NPA.

We are looking for individuals with experience of existing scheme technical operations and technical and operational transitions / migrations and understanding of payment messaging protocols (ideally ISO 20022) and how current payment products are used within an organisation. We are looking for input from our direct and indirect participants, software and other solution providers and end users.

Application form

Please read the conflict of interest section and privacy notice before submitting your application – you can find these below the application form. Your reading and full understanding of both of these is an integral part of Pay.UK’s application process.

Conflict of interest

In order to protect the integrity of Pay.UK’s NPA Procurement Programme we require you, when responding, to either:

  1. Confirm that you do not regard your participation in the NPA Working Group(s) as giving rise to any actual or potential conflict of interest on your part; or
  2. Notify us as to the existence of any circumstances applicable to you which give rise, or may give rise, to such a conflict of interest (in which event we will consider those circumstances and notify you as to whether, in our view, it would be appropriate for you to participate).

Where either:

  1. You have an on-going commercial or professional relationship with any prime bidders in the NPA Procurement Programme; or
  2. You are unable by reason of commercial or professional confidentiality obligations, or are otherwise unwilling, to notify us of circumstances in accordance with paragraph B above

Pay.UK will regard you as ineligible to participate.

Under paragraph B above Pay.UK also requires you to disclose a commercial relationship with a consortia member.

Under the terms applicable to participation in the NPA Working Group(s) all participants are required to maintain on-going vigilance as to the possibility of conflicts of interest arising and to act accordingly.

Privacy notice

The information you supply on this form will be used for the purpose of being considered as a contributor to the NPA working groups. By supplying this information you are giving your consent for us to contact you in connection with this. Please refer to the privacy notice below.