Faster Payments Transition Questionnaire

Transition update

On Friday 5 July we issued the ‘Pay.UK New Payments Architecture (NPA) Faster Payments Service (FPS) Transition to the NPA Participant Questionnaire’ to all FPS participants and those organisations looking to become FPS participants in the coming months. This follows significant work with the NPA Transition Advisory Group to consider how best to deliver the transition of the current Faster Payments Service line to the NPA.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to seek wider FPS Participant feedback, specifically to:

  1. Communicate the approach recommended by the Transition Advisory Group and seek wider participant feedback
  2. Determine indicative timescales for participants to transition FPS to the NPA and preferred throttling methods
  3. Gain wider participant insight to support the recommended ISO 20022 implementation approach for transition
  4. Provide the opportunity for feedback on broader transition considerations, in particular feedback is invited in the key area of transition incentives for participants


You can view a copy of the questionnaire below or contact for more information.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the NPA Transition Advisory Group for their input on this work.