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Pay.UK Call for Information

A proposal by seven participants to introduce a Faster Payments Service (FPS) rule requiring the payment of a Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM) Fee


On 26 July 2019, Pay.UK received a change request from UK Finance on behalf of seven Faster Payments Service (FPS) Direct Participants: Barclays; HSBC; Lloyds Banking Group; Metro Bank; Nationwide; RBS; and Santander.

The Request proposes a change to the FPS Rules for the payment of a CRM Fee to fund the reimbursement of all customers who fall within the category of ‘no blame’ as per the assessments outlined within ‘The Contingent Reimbursement Model Code for Authorised Push Payment Scams

Changes to FPS rules can be proposed by any FPS Participant and we are now considering the Change Request. Our rules and regulatory requirements ensure we consider the views of all relevant service users and to support this, we are seeking views, insights and information from those stakeholders who would be affected by the change through a Call for Information.

We aim to publish a decision on this Change Request by end of November 2019. The decision document will set out reasons for our decision and will be made available on our website.

Response template:

If you would like to respond to the Call for Information, please provide your completed response by 5pm on Tuesday 1 October 2019 by completing the below response template and sending this as a Word document to: