New Payments Architecture programme

We have embarked on a landmark programme to implement a single and best-in-class retail payments clearing capability for the UK – known as the New Payments Architecture (NPA). The vision for the NPA is a robust and resilient infrastructure that uses defined rules and standards to ensure the safety of all consumer payments. Creating an environment more conducive to innovation is a critical driver for the NPA, which will unlock future business opportunities for the greater benefit of all who make payments.

Find more about the NPA programme at the below link.

End user deliverables

By designing the core of the NPA to focus on the central task of securely and efficiently clearing and settling payments, we will set the foundations for fintechs, banks and other providers to innovate and develop competitive ‘overlay services’ which can link directly and indirectly to the clearing and settlement infrastructure.

Enhanced data

Enhanced Data offers the capability to add additional information to payments. This could be added as standardised, structured data creating both a larger data capacity and wider data range capable of transmission.

Changes to Payment Services Website access

Microsoft has brought forward its original 2025 date for retiring Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and this is now scheduled for 15 June 2022; after this date the IE11 desktop application will go out of support.

Use the links below to find out more about how this will affect Bacs service users, and action required to avoid any interruption to the Bacs service.