Enhanced data functionality

Enhanced data can be carried within payment messages for all payment types made via payment service providers (PSPs) using New Payments Architecture (NPA) to payers and payees.

Figure 1 below illustrates one of the potential data flows at a high level for a single credit transfer:

  1. The payer initiates a payment and includes Enhanced data related to the payment (this could be a personalised message, details of a business transaction in designated fields, a link to an image, invoice, bill etc.)
      1. Image or document to be sent with the payment is sent to the Repository Provider (Pay.UK Accredited Organisation)
      2. Repository Provider stores the image/document and provides a URL.
  2. Enhanced data is carried within the payment instruction without truncation, through to the payee
  3. Payer’s PSP sends the payment instruction with Enhanced data across to the NPA
  4. NPA carries out the clearing and settlement and sends the payment instruction to the payee’s PSP
  5. Payee’s PSP makes the payment details, enriched reference and business transaction details available to the payee
  6. Payee receives additional information and retrieves the image via a URL. This additional information enables the payee to reconcile the payment
      1. Retrieval Provider (Pay.UK Accredited Organisation) makes a request to directory services. Once the request is authenticated and authorised, image/document is returned as a response to the payee. This activity can also sit under a PSP
      2. Directory Services authenticates and authorises a retrieval request and provides a look-up service to identify the Repository Provider.