Use case themes

Type of organisations and their count

Types of organisations chart

Enriched user experience

  • Personalising payments experience
  • Individual end user benefits – Bill splitting and paying to a sole trader with pertinent information included
  • Enhanced data analytics resulting in better customer propositions
  • Improved customer/merchant interactions
  • Enhanced data included with Request to Pay.

Auto reconciliation

  • Organisational end user invoice reconciliation, account payables and account receivables reconciliation
  • Payments reconciliation
  • Reduced manual effort.

Preventing and reducing financial crime

  • Additional inputs to the suspicious activity report for suspicious transactions
  • Enhanced fraud monitoring and analytics
  • Geo-location, purpose codes and other indicators could be captured along with the payment to reduce fraud.


  • Payroll and billing link with Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • Tax processing automation
  • Linking payment flow to block chain.

Financial inclusion

  • To enable provision of intelligent supportive accounts
  • Enabling switching / portability in other sectors, for example Energy and Pensions.