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Consolidate Design and Impact Document
Over the last year we made significant progress to make the New Payments Architecture (NPA) a reality and have finalised the design and have now issued the pre-regulatory Request for Proposal for the build of the NPA. The NPA Consolidated Design and Impact Document (CDID) brings together all elements of the NPA design and is now available for review.

The CDID registration process
The CDID is made available on a controlled basis and can only be circulated with the prerequisite of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is specific to the NPA. This means the CDID cannot be shared with anyone outside your organisation. You can share it however with colleagues in your organisation who might be impacted by the NPA design.

We will send you together with the CDID an assessment questionnaire to receive your feedback. To request access to the CDID and receive the NDA, please register your details below.

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