The programme approach

A collaborative journey involving many from across the retail payments ecosystem

Since its inception, Pay.UK has engaged with a broad range of stakeholders to develop the NPA and its roadmap for implementation.

Delivering the NPA is a collaborative project that includes the payments industry, regulators, consumers and business advocates. To ensure it meets the industry’s current and future expectations, its development reflects the views of many stakeholder groups.

Our engagement is currently focused on ensuring industry and end user support for the programme, and identifying what participants expect and require of the NPA. It operates at three levels – strategic, senior and working – and is directly linked to Pay.UK’s own governance.

We engage with stakeholders through a combination of industry user groups, forums and 1:1’s:

  • Groups. These Pay.UK-managed groups cover the full range of relevant topics from commercial and business issues to technology, operations and security. The 14-member Strategic Participant Group (SPG), which includes up to 12 ‘Participant Members’ nominated by the UK Finance Payments, Products and Services Board (PPSB), provides advice and challenge the process of delivering the NPA.
  • NPA Mini Series Sessions and Fora. These sessions widen engagement opportunities outside of groups and include capturing perspectives through wider Pay.UK initiatives.
  • End user engagement. We are consulting with representatives of around 70 organisations to help ensure that the NPA design does not prevent the market from addressing problems that end users experience with retail payment schemes.
  • Bilateral dialogue. We hold regular rounds of bilateral meetings that allow for the sharing of feedback, and for Pay.UK to better understand stakeholder sentiment and the actions needed to meet the needs of individual organisations.

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Industry consultations

Pay.UK and others have consulted with the payments ecosystem to ensure we consider a cross section of views as we develop the NPA.  These include:

2019 Faster Payments transition questionnaire This exercise asked industry to consider the recommended Faster Payments transition approach. Read the final report here.
2020 Next generation standard for UK retail payments We sought feedback on the NPA’s messaging standard and its technical details, as well as direction on concepts that require standardisation across the payments ecosystem. Learn more and download the conclusions here.
2021 PSR consultation on delivery and regulation of the NPA Industry responses and Pay.UK’s own analysis helped define that the initial NPA delivery will focus on replacing the Faster Payment Service with Bacs subject to further consultation. Read more here.