Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme

What is the Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme

Our Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme (SCVAS) is a voluntary scheme which has arisen from industry initiatives to improve the distribution of bank reference data – specifically the requirement to provide assurance that the sort code information within the UK payments industry is accurate and up to date.

The scheme is aimed at those commercial providers that offer sort code validation products on a subscription basis and / or a ‘pay per use’ basis to assist organisations with the management of their electronic payment processing needs.

SCVAS enables providers to offer their customers sort code validation products that carry the Pay.UK’s approval, providing the minimum “threshold criteria” have been met.

In return, providers of accredited products have industry approval of their products and are listed in the table of accredited products below. You will also find further information on availability, accessibility and additional functionality of these sort code validation products.

Applying for accreditation