Webinar- Paying from home: How social distancing has accelerated the changes in the way we pay


The Pay.UK webinar Paying from home: How social distancing has accelerated the changes in the way we pay was held on Wednesday 22 July from 13.00 – 13.45 (BST).

Kate Frankish, Director of Standards and Strategy, and Toby Sheldon, Director of Communications from Pay.UK, discussed how user behaviour has changed during lockdown and how that might influence the future of retail payments. They were joined by panellists:

  • Anna Bradley – Chair of Pay.UK’s End User Advisory Council (EUAC)
  • Simon Eacott – Head of Payments Innovation and Business Development at RBS and member of Pay.UK’s Participant Advisory Council (PAC)
  • Scott Johnson – Managing Director of the construction company Chas Smith Group and also a EUAC member.

The discussion included:

  • The trends and patterns regarding retail payment volumes since the Covid-19 lockdown began
  • The challenges that paying from home can create, and the tools available to help and protect consumers, businesses and organisations
  • What further steps the retail payment industry can take to support consumers, businesses and organisations as social distancing continues
  • How lockdown and social distancing might influence the future of retail payment

-Our Panel-

Kate Frankish, Director of Standards and Strategy (NPA Product Owner) at Pay.UK

Kate has worked in financial services for over 20 years. Through a number of diverse roles in product development and marketing, technology and payments, the common thread for Kate is the delivery of great customer journeys and solutions. Kate has a very strong focus on innovation, driven by consumer demand and global market movements. Kate actively works with Fintech companies and this has given her further insight into the types of problems that customers experience in a purchase journey and how to go about providing relevant solutions. Kate now leads the Strategy and Standards team at Pay.UK with the purpose of driving innovation in the payments ecosystem and also is the product owner for the NPA Programme.

Toby Sheldon, Director of Communications, Pay.UK

Toby Sheldon’s career has been rich in terms of supporting businesses, both national and global, to make fundamental changes, including technology, strategy and overall organisational change. He has had successes across different communications projects supporting change management for clients like GSK, Smiths Group, Warner Music and MacMillan Publishing. Alongside his corporate work, Toby has also been responsible for major government projects including the G7 Financial Ministers Conference for HM Treasury and the British Business Embassy for No. 10, which drove over a billion pounds of investment over the course of the London Olympics. Toby’s expertise lies in mobilising both internal and external stakeholder groups around business strategy. Toby joined Pay.UK in September 2017 just as the new business was being formed, and has been instrumental in developing the vision and strategy of the company alongside the executive team.

Anna Bradley, Chair of the End User Advisory Council, Pay.UK

Anna has a background in regulation, policy and consumer advocacy across a variety of sectors. She is currently a Board member of Age UK, a member of the Zurich Financial Independent Governance Committee, Chair of the Southern Water Customer Challenge Group, and Chair of the Rail Safety Standards Board.

Simon Eacott, Head of Business Development and Innovation at RBS

Simon leads the payments customer centric Innovation programme together with product / scheme responsibilities.  Prior to this, Simon was Head of Design and Franchise Delivery leading teams to deliver transformational change to meet alternative State Aid remedies with the European Commission and Her Majesty’s Treasury following the decision to stand down the divestment of Williams & Glyn. Simon’s current external responsibilities include being a member of the CHAPS Strategic Advisory Forum as well as having expertise in strategic change programmes, cash management sales, operations and product management.

Scott Johnson, Managing Director of Chas Smith Group

Previously Scott was the UK Commissioner for Employment & Skills, one of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills SME representatives and an advisor on the Small Business Council. He conducted the “Scott Johnson” review of apprenticeships in 2014. He is also a current member of the Government’s Better Regulation Strategy Group.

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