Additional Bank Reference Data

Additional Bank Reference Data - Contact Information

These additional Bank Reference Contact Information Pages are offered to members of Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, Cheque & Credit Clearing Company, Belfast Bankers Clearing Company and sponsored institutions with 50 or more sorting codes.

The individual pages below include industry contact points for the following areas:

  • Bacs recalls;
  • Centralised unpaid cheques in & out;
  • Special presentations;
  • Account switching;
  • Post settlement differences / research & adjustment;
  • Bacs queries;
  • Faster Payments queries;
  • CHAPS queries; and
  • General payment / account information, etc.

Each page is supplied by the individual institution and may not include contact details for all of the areas listed above. Where details are not provided, please refer to current industry lists.

Customers should continue to use their customer contact phone numbers and addresses and not the details provided in these pages.

The additional bank reference contact information pages provided below are updated by the individual institution following agreed procedures where necessary on the 1st working day of the month. They are provided free to download and can be reproduced: