Bacs Approved Software Service

What is a Bacs approved software supplier?

A Bacs approved software supplier is a software solutions developer and supplier providing software, hardware and consultancy services to Bacs Payment System customers, to enable them to use the service. Their products are assessed by us against a series of rigorous standards and criteria.

The key benefits of being a supplier of Bacs approved software:

  • We will involve you in plans for future software developments
  • Your organisation will be featured as a supplier of Bacs approved software on the Pay.UK website
  • You are permitted to display the appropriate Bacs approved software supplier logo on your published materials.

Getting approved

The Bacs approved software programme helps solution suppliers work to a set of business and technical standards to help develop their Bacstel-IP and / or Secure-IP interfaces.

Solution suppliers wishing to develop, promote and maintain Bacstel-IP and, in the case of the Faster Payment System Secure-IP software packages, are required to become Bacs approved software suppliers.

All software packages have to undergo mandatory testing with us and some solution supplier staff will also be required to undertake appropriate training covering the Bacs Payment System, Bacstel-IP and / or Secure-IP.

The Bacs Approved Software Service (BASS) tests software solution products to ensure they perform the following appropriately:

  • Authentication of parties communicating with Bacstel-IP and / or Secure-IP (for the Faster Payment System)
  • Authentication of the Bacstel-IP or Secure-IP services to connecting parties
  • Secure communication (i.e. confidentiality and integrity) between Bacstel-IP and / or Secure-IP and the Bacs approved software
  • Structural content and format of submissions and other communications to Bacstel-IP and / or Secure-IP (for the Faster Payment System)
  • Structural content and format of Bacstel-IP / Secure-IP reports and their retrieval by Bacs approved software
  • Error and warning handling within Bacstel-IP / Secure-IP and the format and content of error and warning responses issued to Bacs approved software
  • Error and warning handling required in Bacs approved software
  • Usage of trade marks in Bacs approved software.

Interested in becoming a Bacs approved software supplier?

The first stage of the approval process is to complete and return an application form.

Request more information and an application form to become a Bacs approved software supplier

Full business and technical specifications will then be supplied to help you in your development of the software packages. This will include provision of a sorting code directory.

Once approved, payment of an approval fee is required together with an ongoing annual maintenance fee.

Further information

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