Our strategic goals

Our strategic goals drive benefits for end users (individuals and businesses), our current and future customers (payment service providers such as banks and building societies) and the wider economy. Reaching our goals enables us to deliver our vision.

Our goals are to:

Drive enduring resilience, by:

  • Identifying and mitigating systemic risk across our platform
  • Continually enhancing our platform
  • Proactively managing our suppliers.

Deliver value, by:

  • Delivering cost-effective payment services
  • Getting the best value from our suppliers
  • Automating and enhancing processes that drive efficiencies
  • Driving platform value through use of data.

Strengthen safety and security, by:

  • Delivering continually-evolving fraud detection and prevention functionality, rules and standards
  • Working with the wider industry and beyond to mitigate fraud and enhance consumer protection
  • Building deep insight, based on global trends, and reacting accordingly.

Enhance access and innovation, by:

  • Enabling better use of data
  • Evolving our platform to drive end user-focused innovation
  • Providing choice in the way our customers connect to our platform.

Increase customer satisfaction, by:

  • Proactively responding to the evolving needs of our customers
  • Monitoring and tracking customer satisfaction and understanding changing end user needs
  • Having continual outcomes-focused engagement with our customers

Inspire our colleagues, by:

  • Developing an empowering and inclusive culture
  • Focusing on attracting, developing and retaining talent
  • Living our values and delivering results.

Our technology, and our rules and standards, plus associated controls and policies, combine to give us a powerful payments platform to help us achieve our goals. We will build on our platform, reinforcing our position of leadership in the payments market and beyond.

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