Our strategic objectives

Our strategic pillars guide all that we do, and ensure that we remain focused on our responsibilities, and respond to the needs of individuals and organisations across the UK, as defined by the Payment Strategy Forum and the Payment System Operator Delivery Group Report, which was published in 2017.

These strategic imperatives include the following capabilities:

Robust and resilient

Maintaining trust in the certainty, integrity and security of our payments services as operators of systemically important financial market infrastructures.

End user focused

Ensuring the continued relevance, competitiveness and usefulness of the services we provide as part of the UK payments ecosystem.

Agile and innovative

Acting as a catalyst for change in the payments industry – realising opportunities; addressing threats; and supporting industry wide initiatives.


Promoting competition by supporting new entrants through comprehensive and consistent application and onboarding processes.


Ensuring that our payments services remain economically efficient and sustainable, while facilitating competition in both upstream and downstream services.

Excellent people

Attracting and retaining talented leaders and people who can deliver on our culture, principles and values.