Our vision

Pay.UK’s vision is to be the leading retail payments authority, delivering best in class infrastructure and standards for the benefit of people everywhere.

Our core purpose is to support a vibrant UK economy enabling a globally competitive payments industry through the provision of robust, resilient, collaborative retail payment services, rules and standards for the benefit, and meeting the evolving needs, of all users.

We will do this by driving more participation and involvement in payments so payment service providers are competing and innovating solutions which respond to customer needs, driving better service and value for end users.

We will be the guardians and pioneers of payments, modernising the payments ecosystem and ensuring that companies and individuals participate in payments according to the standards and rules which we will set.

At the core of this vision sits a robust and resilient technical platform for processing payments. This is the basis for all payment operations and will be centrally procured and deployed by us. Beyond this, we will ensure that participation is reliant on standards and rules which enable interoperability, alignment and fairness so that payment providers, businesses and individuals can provide payment solutions, apps and facilities to help people in the UK have more control and more benefits from making payments.

Initially, our work will be focused on bringing together retail payment operations to provide a more aligned and simpler operation for the whole of the UK. We will also be focused on delivering the New Payments Architecture; a modern, central payments infrastructure for the next generation.

All of our work is underpinned by fairness and transparency in all our interactions.

We look forward to achieving our vision over the course of the next few years as we build a new central platform and set the standards and rules for the next generation of payment solutions.