Platform leadership

Our technology, and our rules and standards, plus associated controls and policies, combine to give us a powerful payments platform to help us achieve our goals.

We will build on our platform, reinforcing our position of leadership in the payments market and beyond.

Our ethos of ‘platform leadership’ will see us:

  • Ensure the robustness and resilience of our payments platform, setting rules, standards, controls and policies for the benefit of all those who interact with us or rely on our services
  • Transform our organisation and culture to support open and transparent dialogue
  • Ensure our payments platform delivers the greatest possible value and efficiency for current and new customers
  • Facilitate market growth, competition and innovation
  • Operate with a commercial mindset – especially as we enable richer data and encourage more customers to access our platform
  • Ensure our decisions are based on deep insight and are aligned with our strategy, enabling us to speak with a credible and independent voice
  • Align our strategic objectives with those of our regulators.
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