Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a key contributor towards helping us meet our goals.

We have an open, collaborative and confident approach, in conversations we begin, as well as when we participate in conversations initiated by others. We also maintain strong relationships and effective coalitions with the industry and the end users we serve, as well as regulators and policy makers.

We engage with a variety of stakeholders regarding our activities:

End users

These are individuals, businesses and organisations that make and receive payments processed through our payments platform. Collectively our goals and our work drive benefits for end users.


Our customers are organisations that directly or indirectly buy or use our payments platform to deliver services to end users. These include payment service providers (PSPs) (1) and other commercial relationships such as aggregators (2), bureaux (3) and other solutions providers such as suppliers of overlay services (4).

Regulators and policy makers

These are organisations that set and monitor regulation and policy for our industry.

These include banks, building societies and other financial institutions.

Aggregators provide connection to our platform and related services for multiple PSPs, reducing the costs of connecting with us.

Bureaux are third party suppliers that offer software and related services to payment service providers and larger corporate users to enable them to submit payments to us in a compliant way.

Overlay providers are usually third-party technology firms that provide value-added overlay propositions. Overlays are software solutions that sit on top of our payment platform to provide an enhanced service.

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