We are Pay.UK

We ensure that payments flow without interruption. Salaries, benefits, bills, mortgages and online banking payments are all sent - safely and securely - through our systems. We also drive competition and innovation in the market.

What we are

From Bacs to Faster Payments to cheques – our key purpose is to power payments, champion innovation and give the UK choice in how it pays. We enable individuals and organisations in the UK to transfer money to others whenever they need to, quickly, safely and cheaply.

By continuing to run a robust, resilient, and cost-effective payments platform, we can deliver greater value for all users of the services we provide, from individuals and businesses through to banks and building societies.

We deliver this greater value by leveraging our technology and our rules and standards, plus associated controls and policies, which combine to give us a powerful payments platform, for the benefit of all our users.

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What we do