Become an accredited cheque printer

The Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme (CPAS) is open to security printers wanting to produce cheques that are intended to be cleared through the GB cheque clearing system. Prior to application, companies must meet the scheme’s membership criteria, which are specified in the CPAS Rules. These include:

  • Certification to ISO 27001 IEC27001-2013 (ISO 27001). This is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Certification to the Audit Standard for Cheque Printers – Standard 55. The certification process involves assessments of specific CPAS security and quality controls that are additional to the ISO 27001 Standard. The assessments are undertaken and approved by Certification Bodies (CBs) listed in the Audit Standard for Cheque Printers – Standard 55.

Another membership requirement is that the printer must demonstrate that at least one of the following cheque printing processes will be undertaken:

  • Printing of the cheque security background
  • Full or part personalisation, which includes:
    a. Bank branch and customer account data
    b. MICR code line
  • Printing of customer signatures, in conjunction with any part of the personalisation process
  • Infilling of beneficiary and amount details, in conjunction with any part of the personalisation process.

Accredited printers are required to comply fully with the CPAS Operating Regulations and with Audit Standard for Cheque Printers – Standard 55, and to produce cheques in accordance with Standard 3.

For more information about the Standards follow the link below.

Application for membership

Printing companies that want to apply for membership of CPAS can obtain further information and an application form by completing the request form below.

Application for Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme membership – request form

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