Obtaining a standard or identifier number

Our role

On behalf of BSI, Pay.UK is the registration authority for the UK IIN National Numbering System and the UK’s sponsoring body for UK and overseas IINs. We are also the sponsoring body for ISO 7816-5 Registered Application Provider Identifiers (AID) and the registration authority for Standard 70 Registered Identification Numbers (TIDs).

Publicly available standards

Pay.UK manages the following publicly available standards:

For further information, or to obtain a copy of one of the standards listed above, contact us on Standards-Card-Identifiers@wearepay.uk.

Other publicly available standards can be obtained via the following links:

Obtaining an Issuer Identification Number

Used by financial institutions and companies, Issuer Identification Numbers (IINs), identify card issuers and tell acquirers and card issuers how to route a transaction.

Further information and how to apply

Obtaining a Registered Identification Number

A Registered Identification Number (RID number) is used by point of sale terminal manufacturers for the construction of terminal identification numbers (TIDs).

Further information and how to apply

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