Faster Payment System fee structure – Technical Accreditation

A fee of £10,000 is payable to Pay.UK upon successful conclusion of the Technical Accreditation. No additional fee is payable to Pay.UK for any subsequent test(s) undertaken against the Vendor/Aggregator’s same software version.

Pay.UK expects Vendors/Aggregators to re-accredit if a material change is made to the gateway (i.e. a new or updated software version). A re-certification fee of £5,000 is payable to Pay.UK upon successful conclusion of re-accreditation testing.

Going forward, Vendors/Aggregator’s will also be expected to re-accredit their solution annually to ensure their Faster Payment System gateway software meets the Faster Payment System rules. There is no fee payable to Pay.UK for the annual re-accreditation of software version that already holds a valid Technical Accreditation.

Vendors/Aggregator’s are not required by Pay.UK to retain an Ascert test environment indefinitely to remain accredited; however, Vendors/Aggregator’s may find this of use for annual re-accreditation and/or regression testing.

Should a Vendor/Aggregator choose to relinquish connection to the Ascert test environment there will be re-connection fees payable to Ascert and a timeframe for re-establishment.

If there are any updates/changes to the accreditation test pack, Pay.UK will send out communications and advise whether any mandatory re-testing is necessary. Should mandatory re-testing be required, there will be no fee payable to Pay.UK provided the Vendor/Aggregator software version has not been updated.

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