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NPA in depth


The NPA will allow us to support banks, building societies and other payment service providers (PSPs) in creating new products and capabilities which generate value for the sector, as well as consumers, businesses and the wider UK economy. These new payment innovations include a much wider range of real-time payment products – such as account to account payments – to serve the ever-evolving needs of end users as they shop, pay and manage their financial lives.

Payment products

We will deliver various payment products enhanced by richer data. This will help PSPs spot suspicious and erroneous transactions more easily, while continuing to provide the payments experience that consumers and businesses expect and benefit from today.


Immediate Payment:

The standard payment product for single customer payments, usually attended by the payer end user.


Standing Order Payment:

The payment type for overnight runs of recurring scheduled payments, usually submitted in volume and unattended by the end user payer.

Requires most payments to be submitted between midnight and 6am so that funds are usually available to the payee by 7am that day.


Forward Dated Payment:

The payment type that may be submitted at any time, usually unattended by the payer end user.

Submission options

The platform will allow the following submission options:

Bulk submission

A file-based service which allows users to submit large payment files.

Multi-payment message​

A single payment message with multiple individual credits, one debit, which should allow us to improve processing efficiency for our customers and may enable early Bacs Credit migration.​

Both of these submission options allow more efficient payments submission for use cases where facilitating large payment volumes is a priority.

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