What we do

The UK's leading retail payments authority

We run the UK’s retail payments operations, which includes the Bacs Payment System, the Faster Payment System and the Image Clearing System. We also deliver a variety of services relating to payments.

We are working to transform the way that payments are delivered in the UK and, in time, we will bring all of these products and services closer together. We are also building the rails on which UK payments move. Through our infrastructure and services, Pay.UK enables £19.2 billion in payments every single day and, at our core, that’s what we’re all about.

At the same time, we are creating common standards and new infrastructure, which will be the engine driving excellence and success throughout the industry. These ensure that every payment processed is done so safely and securely.

Introducing the New Payments Architecture

Pay.UK is delivering the New Payments Architecture (NPA), an enabler of the future vision of retail payments in the UK as set out in the Payments Strategy Forum NPA Blueprint, published in December 2017.

The NPA will drive accessibility, competition and innovation. It offers a huge opportunity to organisations who wish to participate within the payments space, enabling them to create payment products and services, which will fulfil market demands and benefit individuals, businesses and charities everywhere.

Find out more about the New Payments Architecture programme below.

Setting standards

Pay.UK is the authority that sets rules and standards in order to facilitate payments flowing freely. They enable participation in our services, and help maintain shared systems that are safe and secure.

More information on Pay.UK’s role in standard setting and the Standards Framework is available below.

Industry information

The payment schemes and services operated by Pay.UK process more than £7 trillion of payments every year. Access to information about the UK’s payment system is vital for many organisations to be able to provide the payment services their customers need.

More information on accessing and using our payment system below.

Research and innovation

Pay.UK sits at the centre of a vibrant UK payments ecosystem that faces constantly-evolving challenges and opportunities impacting end-users and the wider industry.

Our research and innovation focuses on addressing these by working collaboratively with the ecosystem, building on shared knowledge so that we can all stay ahead of the trends that will impact the payments landscape in the short, medium and long term.

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Services and operations

We provide robust, resilient, and collaborative retail payments services that are secure, open and foster innovation.

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