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Changing an existing standard

Any external party can, at any time, submit a change request to an existing standard to Pay.UK. The updating of a technical standard – and the associated materials for example Schemas, Implementation Guidelines, etc. – will go through exactly the same four stage process outlined for the “Developing a new standard”.

Pay.UK requests that any external party wishing to undertake a standards change request to contact us in the first instance to have an initial conversation prior to the process being undertaken.

In exceptional circumstances, the Standards Authority may decide to accept, evaluate and implement a change request outside the normal cadence. This exception is called a “fast track change request” and can be used to introduce material and non-material changes that are exceptionally justified, for example changes that are required to enable regulatory compliance, to correct defects that have reduced resiliency and robustness. However, the Standards Authority will be the decision maker with regards to whether a submission for a change request constitutes being fast track.

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