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Research and Insight

We sit at the centre of a vibrant UK payments ecosystem which faces constantly evolving challenges and opportunities impacting our customers, end users and the wider economy.

We focus on understanding and proactively addressing these by working collaboratively with the ecosystem, building on shared knowledge so we can all stay ahead of the trends that will impact the payments landscape in the short, medium and long term.  Our deep insight programme consists of nine activities:

Foundational research

Ongoing research

Horizon scanning

Market and business intelligence

Internal expert analysis

Surveys and stakeholder feedback

Surveys and stakeholder feedback

Academic engagement

Standards setting

These activities enable us to identify potential risks that could impact the ecosystem, as well as opportunities that would improve payments for our customers and end users. They inform our opinions on topics that impact our end-users, customers and the wider economy, and product development for our current and future platform, the New Payments Architecture. They also inform our approach to industry innovation as a platform leader, which can be broken down into three approaches:

Developing innovative new solutions and encouraging competition

Understanding how we can evolve our existing products and services for our current and future platform

Sharing insights to support market collaboration

To engage with us and the wider payments sector, to develop and discuss industry knowledge and intelligence, and to read our weekly Friday Insights of what’s going on in the market, register to access the Knowledge Hub.

Visit Pay.UK Insights to view all of our published whitepapers, research reports and case studies.

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