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Your questions answered

To help you better understand the Biller Update Service, we have developed some frequently asked questions.

The Biller Update Service is a service designed to deliver a managed and consistent process for capturing, validating and disseminating biller information to payment service providers and organisations that are participant​s of the payment schemes.​​​

​The service provides a central and coordinated process for managing changes to biller information and a central process to validate the information with the submitting payment service provider​ before publication.​

  • Updates will have been validated with the submitting organisation before being published
  • Information provided to users will be consistent
  • Users can update their own biller lists to improve the quality and accuracy of the information they provide to customers.​

Any participants of one of the payment schemes may use the service.​

Only payment service provider​s with a commercial relationship with a biller can submit a change via the service.​​

To register your interest in using the service, email

No, the service will only be used to make changes to information with effect from its launch on 28 June 2013.​

No, not all payment service provider​s and their billers will provide updates via the service. For example, some billers may not receive enough payments via telephone or internet channels to warrant providing the information to customers.​

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