Accessing standards

Our standards can be accessed through Standard Source. The Standards Source is an online portal where you can access some of our standards, along with the testing simulator.

The Standards Authority team has developed the Standards Source to act as an authoritative documentation repository of technical standards in the UK payments market. This service is a library that provides a complete, structured catalogue of all UK payments standards, and beyond, in both technical and business formats.

This publication of existing and legacy standards can be used as a resource by the industry for new message creation and technical mappings, facilitating a best-in-class payment infrastructure in the UK. A supplier-neutral service, and not sponsored by an individual firm or provider, the Standards Source has been developed to achieve greater simplicity and efficiency for the industry.

The standard currently published through this Standards Source is:

  • Faster Payments ISO 8583 to ISO 20022 mappings.

Over the coming year, we also aim to publish the below standards via Standards Source including:

  • Bacs Standard 18 to ISO 20022 mappings
  • The New Payment Architecture messages
  • Additional information on UK, European and global payment schemes.