Bulk Payment Redirection Service

The Bulk Payment Redirection Service (BPRS) offers an easy and cost-effective way to ensure payments continue to be received when a sort code and / or account number is changed. BPRS leverages the central redirection facility developed for the Current Account Switch Service.

The service represents a step-change in increasing the ease with which organisations too large to use the Current Account Switch Service – such as local authorities, government departments and corporate Direct Debit service users – can switch their payment service provider.

This helps to reduce stress, cost, and improve efficiency.

​When might this service be used?

There are a number of circumstances in which an organisation may find BPRS of value, including:

Where a business which is too large to take advantage of Current Account Switch Service moves from one payment service provider to another

In the event of an organisation merging with, or being taken over by, another organisation resulting in a change of account details

Payment service provider branch closures where payments continue to be made to a customer’s old branch account details

Where payment service providers move from one sponsoring payment service provider to another, or set up in their own right.

How it works

In simple terms, the details of the old and new account details are added to the central redirection database as part of a controlled implementation. This means that if a payment is made using the previous sort code and account details it will be automatically redirected to the new account.

There is no costly back office function, or additional resource required to deal with ongoing administrative overheads. The process is straightforward, efficient and effective, providing the peace-of-mind that a change in account details won’t interrupt critical business payments.

Should an organisation wish to utilise BPRS, they should first contact either their new payment service provider or our team on cass@wearepay.uk to discuss their requirements. As long as both the old or new payment service provider have signed an agreement with us to access BPRS, then it can be used to make the whole process quick and easy.

You can find out more about the service by viewing our customer journey document, and case study featuring London Mutual Credit Union.

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