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Image Clearing System contractual framework

This is the publically available participants’ documentation as part of the contractual framework for the Image Clearing System (ICS).

Image Clearing System (ICS) Manual

The ICS manual performs two principal functions. Firstly, it forms a key part of the legal basis for the operation of the ICS and, secondly, it provides a clear and comprehensive description of the rules, requirements and key procedures for the ICS in a document that is publicly available.

ICS participant agreement and participant terms and conditions

This consists of a short form admission agreement and the ICS participant terms and conditions, which are incorporated by reference, into the ICS participant agreement. The key purpose of the ICS participant agreement is to govern the relationship between Pay.UK and each participant in relation to that participant’s use of, and access to, the functions, facilities and services provided to it by the ICS.

The terms and conditions include the obligations for each participant and form part of the ICS participant agreement.

Further documents

Further documents, including the settlement documents, will be made available to any prospective participant who has signed and returned to us a Letter of Intent to participate.
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