Sort codes for use outside of UK

Payment service providers (PSPs) which require a GB IBAN (International Bank Account Number), but have no need to offer payments to their customers via the UK payment systems, can either:

  • Approach a direct participant of one of the payment systems to request a sort code


  • Contact the Pay.UK team to request a non-standard sort code(s).

Terms of use: This non-standard sort code will be issued on the basis it cannot be used in any of the UK payment systems. Cheques cannot be issued on this type of sort code, nor are these sort codes currently listed in the Extended Industry Sort Code Directory (EISCD), so they cannot be validated against that database.

The following institution types are eligible to obtain a non-standard sort code for use with an IBAN:

  • Authorised payment institutions
  • Small payment institutions
  • European Economic Area (EEA) authorised payment institutions
  • Credit institutions
  • Electronic money institutions
  • The Post Office Limited
  • The Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the national central banks of EEA states other than the United Kingdom
  • Government departments and local authorities.

If a non-standard sort code is required to provide Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) payment services to UK customers, PSPs must also comply with the SEPA regulation and register as a UK SEPA adherent. In addition, a PSP may also need to participate in the SEPA IBAN-Only Directory to help meet their UK reachability requirements.

To apply for a non-standard sort code, please complete the questionnaire below and send to the Pay.UK team at

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