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Industry Engagement

Delivering the NPA is a collaborative project that invites, and accordingly acts on, the input of many stakeholder groups including the wider payments industry, regulators, consumers and business advocates.

We engage with stakeholders through a combination of industry user groups, forums and conversations:

These Pay.UK-managed groups cover the full range of relevant topics from commercial and business issues to technology, operations and security. The Strategic Participant Group (SPG), which includes up to 12 participant members nominated by the UK Finance Payments, Products and Services Board (PPSB), provides advice and challenges the process of delivering the NPA.

To get involved in the NPA, contact:

Industry groups

We have established key forums that enable us to engage widely and regularly with the industry, at a variety of levels, on NPA design and requirement matters. These forums are:

Strategic Participant Group (SPG)

The SPG is a senior industry engagement forum for leading industry professionals to provide strategic recommendations to the Pay.UK Board. It keeps the industry updated on progress, captures input from experts and provides feedback to the Pay.UK Board.

Meeting frequency: monthly

Commercial Industry Group (CIG)

The CIG is a forum for commercial subject matter experts to use their knowledge and experience to review and challenge key NPA deliverables and outcomes. The forum puts forward recommendations and organisational views on key deliverables and outcomes of the NPA Programme to the SPG.

Meeting frequency: monthly

Customer Readiness Group (CRG)

The CRG is a forum for project managers who are implementing the NPA programme within their organisation. The forum encourages open discussion to ascertain a current ‘state of readiness’ for each customer, and allows issues that may impact a number of parties to be raised in a transparent manner.

The forum reviews and agrees the overall status of readiness to be reported to programme and external governance forums.

Including the next milestone of customer commitment and ensuring customers have everything they need to move to the next stage of the programme.

Meeting frequency: monthly

End Users and Propositions Industry Group (EUIG)

The EUIG is a forum for industry subject matter experts to use their knowledge and experience to assess, challenge and put forward views on recommendations to the SPG. The forum’s standing objectives are: to provide assurance to the SPG that future requirements of the NPA will meet evolving user needs; and to provide assurance to the SPG that customer requirements have been given appropriate consideration.

Meeting frequency: monthly

Technical Operational User Group (UG)

The TUG/OUG is a forum for a broad range of industry stakeholders on the NPA design. It is an opportunity to review and discuss technical aspects and the NPA system construction, e.g. the business operating rules and business processes necessary to support the NPA payment flow/proposition delivery.

Meeting frequency: monthly

Technical Integration Group (TIG)

The TIG is a forum for a broad range of stakeholders from across the payments ecosystem to provide support on the NPA design and construction. The purpose of the forum is to provide clarity to enable gateway providers and aggregators to be ready for NPA on day one.

Meeting frequency: bi-monthly

Retail Settlement and Liquidity Working Group (RSLG)

The RSLG is a forum for a cross-section of current and future settlement customers in the Bacs Payment System, the Faster Payment System and the NPA to discuss settlement and liquidity management for the NPA.

Meeting frequency: monthly

Legal Working Group (LWG)

The LWG is a forum for all customers to develop written draft agreements that reflect key commercial principles which would have been developed and agreed to subject to contract separately and beforehand by Pay.UK in conjunction with customers.

Meeting frequency: ad-hoc as required

Testing Working Group (TWG)

The TWG is an open forum for all customers. It will focus on the overall testing plan with emphasis on the imminent test phase.

Meeting frequency: TBC

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