Reimbursement Claims Management Solution (RCMS)

To assist PSPs in implementing the APP Reimbursement policy Pay.UK is developing a Solution, the Reimbursement Claims Management Solution (RCMS) which will help PSPs comply with this new regulation.

There are two iterations of RCMS which are:

  • RCMS Core – this provides access to the Directory of PSPs and, functionality to provide Reporting Standard A data to Pay.UK as required by the PSR
  • RCMS Core + Claims Management – this provides the RCMS Core functionality and access to a claims management system.

All PSPs will need to sign up to RCMS Core in order to provide Pay.UK with the required PSR “Reporting Standard A” / Claim Data Reporting Standard (CDRS) by 7 October 2024.  This will allow PSPs to submit their data for the period 7 October to 30 November 2024 by 5pm on 2 January 2025

RCMS Core + Claims Management provides additional claims management functionality to PSPs who require it from 7 October.  There is also an option to access RCMS Core + Claims (as well as RCMS Core) via a secure webhosted User Interface.  PSPs should assess which access option suits them best, suggested considerations might be:

Please register your interest here to see demonstrations of the FPS Reimbursement Directory look up functionality, and the RCMS Core + Claims product functionality.

Register by 20th August
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